Stepping Stones class July 12th


Hello Everyone! I hope you having a wonderful fun filled summer!!

For anyone interested I am having another Stepping stone class / event this weekend! If you have never learned this easy fun way to make stepping stones come and meet some new friends and have some fun! Please see the description below. If you have already taken this class but want to just come and play, do stop by and play with the glass and ceramics and mud! The cost is minimal and the fun is fulfilling! Also see my upcoming classes 3-D Sculpture, Welding, Found Object bird feeders, and Monoprint note cards, descriptions are below.

Stepping Stones July 12th, 9-3 Cost: $35.00
In this class you will learn about mosaic techniques, including: how to cut the glass or ceramic pieces; how to use mosaic nippers; design and color considerations; how to mix the cement; how to clean and finish your piece. It is a fun easy project and a good way to spend the day. I will have some mold forms for sale and materials you can take home to create more of your own pieces. Most people have time to make two pieces.
Materials Fee: $20.00. This includes the glass or ceramic pieces, hardware cloth, a mosaic form of your choice in shape and size for you to use in the class, and the necessary cement and sand mixture. Or bring your own ceramic or glass pieces and cut this costing half. There will be an additional cost if you want to buy a mold form or some nippers to take home with you, I will sell the mold forms at a discounted price to you for taking this class. Please call me to reserve your space, I am limiting the class to 6 people. ***** If you have taken the class previously and just want to come and join the group You can pay for the materials $10.00 and use your own forms or pay a little more, $10.00, and use my forms and my materials.

Blessings to You!
Karole Sharpe

Glass Art for you Spirit

3-D Cement Sculpture July 26 & 27, 9-5 Cost $128.00
Let’s make something to beautify our outdoor spaces that will show us color all year long! We will create three-dimensional objects out of styrofoam, wire mesh, and cement. The piece can be covered with glass and/or ceramic mosaics to create a one-of-a-kind outdoor sculpture or can be left just the raw cement. Design specifics to be discussed with individuals in advance, there will be a size limitation due to time restrictions. Use of found objects is encouraged, contact me for more ideas and information. Materials Fee: $45.00
Welding: Bottle Tree August 23 & 24, 9-5 Cost: $190.00
On the first morning, we will see samples of welded art pieces, explore a scrap metal yard where you can purchase scrap metal pieces for your one-of-a-kind metal art piece, and then visit a welding supply shop where you can buy tools and supplies. In the afternoon, there will be a session in which you learn proper safety techniques, equipment use, tools, MIG welding, and shop use, followed by practice time with the machinery and welder. You will get dirty and work hard, but it is rewarding and fun.
Create your very own garden Bottle tree art piece up to 48-inches tall with about 6-10 welds. Or you could create an unique outdoor sculpture piece. Included is: welding feed, grinders, and some safety equipment. At the end of the day you’ll have a piece to take home and a smile on your face. Limited to two students per class for individual attention and private instruction so sign up early. Must wear some safety clothing.
Bird Feeders September 6, 9-2, $38.00
You will have your choice of 3 different styles of Bird feeders that are easy to make in just one day and all using found objects. We will use found objects, both glass and ceramic, you bring or use what I have available, to make a unique one of a kind bird feeder. All you do is provide the bird seed and a place to hang it in your home or patio. I will have pictures, designs, and samples, so you can see all the alternatives and then after you learn a few simple techniques you will be able to delight and amuse your friends with your creativity. Material Fee $15.00 or $5.00 if you bring your own.
Mono Print Notecards October 25th 11-3 $29.00
Mono is defined as one; alone: single; so we will make prints on paper that are just that. First thing upon arrival we will play with paints and found object and create “one off” prints. We will have a lunch break while they are drying and then come back to play some more either making more prints or adding colors designs to the ones we made. We will embellish our creations with pens or more paint learning to use our imaginations to “see” into the prints and draw out what we see.
PLEASE CALL ME TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT! IF YOU DON’T SEE A CLASS you want let me know. Dates can be changed or added. If you and two friends want to do a class I will do the class for you at a time that is convenient for all concerned. If you have already taken a class and want to do it again or use my studio and the equipment, talk with me, studio time is $10.00/ hour, except when using the welding equipment the cost for that is $25.00/hour.


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