MY Vision: The bottle wall continues

I got the idea of a bottle wall from a yard down in Pueblo CO, they took bottles and attached them to fencing.  So I thought why not? I have all these bottles and I need to clear out the space in my storage unit so I can move “stuff” from the studio out there. It is a big project and I have only just begun, but at least I have begun.  I have boxes of bottles waiting to have holes drilled in them, it is overwhelming so I have put the project on hold for a while. So far I have drilled holes in over 20 cases of bottles and I have only put a dent in two panels of the total 8 panel fence. I am distracting myself by making some windows for a friend, (which is a paid for job). Why am I doing this bottle wall? I love the color and the light, I love the way it looks at sunset when the sun shines through the blue glass I have to the west.  Who knows why we do what we do.

 I have a book all about artists who created environments of art, one created because he was scorned by a lover, one because they got rejected from an art show, one woman in Africa was ostracised by the whole community and isolated from everyone so she eventually took her own life.  But yet her work is glorious and very spiritual and very much about the higher realms and the love of life in all forms.  Her work inspires me from the other side of the world to continue to create my vision despite what the world or “society” says is correct or good for the neighborhood, or at the very least “sellable art”!Image Maybe I”ll drill holes in one box today and make a new start on MY VISION.

Peace be with you and All the Blessings of Life!


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